HEALING Kidneys WEdnesday - Mercury Day

Please Start with lesson 1, Level 1. This first lesson sets the foundation for your growth through The New Bliss Meditation System.


Next Progress at your own pace, and repeat several times a day, Always smile and enjoy the process, no matter what you think. Feel Love, Joy, Happiness and Gratitude as you practice cultivating goodness into your life.


7 Health and Healing Frequencies  – is a unique look at the enterplay of the world around us, this universe and the influence and effects we have upon our personal and impersonal life. 


If you have heart problems or suspect you do, or if you are unsure about the state of your heart and kidneys, as with all exercise systems, please check with your physician to insure that you are physically fit.

1. Inhale and Exhale From Your Source Center

Be sure to practice and cultivate your source connection with Level 1 “Activating The Power Within.” Your positive experiences, advancement and the results you receive are in direct alignment with your breath and your ability to connect with your source of power.


2. Rub the Kidneys

The 3 Ways to Activate the Energy of The Kidneys

A.) Rub the Hands and fingers together, feel the warmth.

B.) Rub the Kidneys with the palms of your hands while holding with your fingers as you also gently massage across your kidneys

C.) You can gently rub the chest area with the palms of your hands

D.) You can rub your palms together until warm and place over the Kidneys

3. Feel And Hold The Kidney Energy With Your Hands

4. Relax your hands at your side and make small circles.

5. See The Color Blue  or Dark Blue

6. The Vibratory Sound is “Choooo”

This sound can be practiced out-loud in the beginning. However, it is even more effective when the sound is made quietly or sub-vocally to yourself.

7. Feel The Connection between the Kidneys and the Planet Mercury.

8. Holding Your Source Center – Switch Hands

9. Lay Down On Your Back and Rest – Do Nothing -For 3, 5, or 10 Minutes of More

10. Rest With Palms Up (This is a Receiving Position) – Resting on Knees  

This allows the energy you’ve activated and gathered to go to work on you. This part of your cultivation practice is highly important.


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